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    DRC / Text Length




      in past versions there has been a feature called "unlimited text length" that allowed the usage of increased "value length".

      Of course we've used this on almost all major IC symbols ("signal" and "nc" attributes).


      These parts fail DRC now because of "value length" being limited to 80 characters.


      What's the correct way to handle this ?

      Is there anything like UTL in PADS 9.x ?

      What are the current limitations ?

      May I increase max length to 250 without blowing the system ?





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          • I presume you are using the PADS 9.x flow, but is this question for DxDesigner, and the DxDesigner DRC or PADS Layout?
          • What type of property, are you looking to pass this property to PADS Layout or some other tool?
            • signal?  in my copy of netlist.prp this is specified at 255 characters and 127 lines
            • NC?  in my copy of netlist.prp this is specified at 255 characters and 127 lines
            • Others?
            • Is the failure in the ViewPCB interface or are you runing DxDesigner DRC first?  I'm not 100% sure where the program is failing.


          Gary Lameris

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            yes, we're running latest PADS 9.0.2 Update 1.


            Since we're inside "Ask the DxDesigner expert" this is all about the DxD ...


            I have a migrated design and run the DRC inside DxD with the "migration" rules enabled.

            Default value for "drc-006" is 80 characters max no matter what the netlist.prp says.


            Running this check gives me errors on NC and SIGNAL Attributes for some IC's since I'm violating this rule.

            We've been always using unlimited text length in the past, i.e. used more than 80 charcters for these properties.




            Of course I've been thinking : "This is only DRC. My netlist.prp matches - let's move on".


            But leaving it as is PCBFwd stopped working in the middle without any error.


            After changing "drc-006" to 250 it's running fine now besides other issues, of course.


            This is somewhat confusing to me ...





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              There is a known issue with a fixed text length of 80 embedded inside the software that is overriding the property file setting. We are looking into fixing this but for now you may ignore the DRC error (after ensuring the error is false) and continue with the PCB Fwd process. We have a DR logged for the issue.


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                I am unable to "Export Netlist from Pwer PCB" (finished unsucessfully). When I run verify I get the hetero exceeds 80, but I did not understand if you mentioned how to fix the hetero problem (and I'm wondering if it would fix my netlist problem).

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                  There is no 'fix' for the hetero length other than to ignore the DRC error/warning. It should not affect the netlister. Does the netlist report give you any hint as to what it is failing on?


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                    I didn't see anything in the netlist report; what I used to do is "forward design to pcb" inside the dxdesigner link; a work around Mentor gave me is to drive the process from dxdesigner, and that works.