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    False Library Locks in Library Manager - DC/Expedition


      We have been experiencing issues with file locking within the Library Manager environment and I wanted to get some opinions on work-arounds or perhaps join with others to drive an enhancement request to the deficiencies in the architecture of the manager app itself.


      This is in EE2007.4 and seems to be more problematic since the days of WG2005 SP3


      Common Scenarios are:

      1.     Librarians who enter the library manager ok. Later receive “Read-Only” message during a save, which makes them re-do work.

      Technically from what I can see there are users who might be loading a DC job that references the LMC, thus making a “READ” lock to the file in Windows Server 2003.

      2.     Librarians who attempt to use Library Services will lock multiple partitions that they don’t intend on using or pushing data into. (Tool Default??) We prefer for this not to lock happen unless they intend on pulling/pushing into a particular partition

      3.     Users with WI-FI connections have a tendency to make read-lock conditions because of slow load times. Also more prevalent with VPN users.

      4.     Users who do place device for an extended period or place symbols will prevent the ability of adding/changing the LMC and/or SLBs until every user has exited this area.

      We have seen the identical problems on a Windows Server and a Unix File Share. We are using administrative tools to force files to be closed in urgent situations and Robocopy to mirror from a “Mirror Librarian” LMC to minimize the conflicts, but sometimes this has lock issues also and we have to set retries and re-run as required.

      I understand the basics of DMS but currently we can’t justify the change or cost. We would prefer to see some future changes where perhaps there is a different form of “caching” perhaps for LMC users so Librarians can access the central library’s more effectively.

      Feel Free to email me direct or reply to this posting.


      Chris Smith
      Application Support Analyst
      National Instruments


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          Hi Chris:


          We are seeing the same things too. EE2007.6 update 9


          Item one: For the most part we just wait it out and hit the save button again after a minute or two or five.  This also happens even without Remote Server running.


          Item two:  I saw this just yesterday.  There were only two people in the library.  The remote worker was using Library Services and had 5 part partitions locked up.


          Item three: We believe that our extremely slow network contributes to the problem.  People don't have to be remote users on a VPN connection at this company to see the problem.


          Item four:  This sounds right but I can't confirm it.


          I spent five hours three days ago re-building our library after a crash. The lmc file seemed to be right size but reported no partitions, parts, cells or symbols.  More often Library Manager just starts populating the partitions.  Sometimes it will give a memory fault error on re-population.  Sometimes the lmc looks to be truncated.


          This is the fifth company in which I have done a Expedition installation and this is the first time I have ever had library problems.  Although I remember about ten years ago there were some people on the conference calls that were reporting library problems and I believe most of those were tied to network speed.


          Good luck