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    Introduce yourself


      If this is your first time posting in the forum, please introduce yourself and say hi to everyone in the community.


      I'm Karen Chow, and I work at Mentor Graphics as a Technical Marketing Engineer for Calibre xRC. I started my career working at Nortel in Ottawa, first in synchronization, then in analog ICs for telephony. I then moved to Mentor Graphics to become an AE in Ottawa, then moved to the Mentor head office in Wilsonville OR (suburb of Portland). In my spare time, I enjoy playing keyboards and bass, and singing. I also enjoy quilting as well.




      I'm looking forward to meeting you in the forums.





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          I'm Jacob Mathai and I work in Global IT Operations in Wilsonville. I manage a Web Infrastructure Team at Mentor.  We have been working with CSD and the product divisions to launch this Community platform.  My interests include travel and being outdoors.



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            Joel Jensen here.



            I have been with Mentor Graphics for 1 year now working as a CAE for Calibre Extraction products.



            In my previous incantation, I was a CAD Engineer for 9+ years in SOC Design.  My role was design methodology and all phases of design except the layout, included, but not limited to, spec., RTL development, synthesis, STA, simulation, scan insertion, ATPG, and parasitic extraction.



            On the personal side, you can usually find me fighting fires, sailing, re-roofing the house, or just relaxing (ya, right).



            I welcome the opportunity to get to know and interact with our customers more.



            See ya around.  



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              Hello Everyone,



              I am Smitha Teegala,and I work as a Corporate Marketing Engineer at Mentor Graphics.I graduated from University of Alabama in Huntsville(UAH) and have joined Mentor two and half years back.



              Initially,I was working with Digital design products like modelsim and precision synthesis  but now my main concentration is on Physical Verification (Calibre).



              My hobbies include traveling,cooking and watching games like basketball and football.I enjoy shopping and Interior Decoration as well.



              I am glad I had the opportunity to introduce myself and looking  forward to meet you all in the forums  .
















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                Hi everyone,


                I have been asking for a site like this and I'm glad Mentor put one together!

                I hope this can be a nice complement to the supportnet material that's already available.


                I'm Daran Davis and I have been working as a CAD engineer for 14 years at various

                companies. I started out with Motorola in Phoenix doing PDK

                development. I worked on a team of engineers that collaborated with EDA

                vendors to reduce PDK development from ~6 months to 3 weeks. This

                project was the early precursor to much of the PDK development

                automation that I see EDA companies like Cadence offering as a service.


                I then moved on to LSI Logic in Colorado to support an Analog design and

                layout group. This was my first introduction to many of Mentor's tools.

                I developed many PDK's for internal and external foundaries and began

                using a new tool called Calibre  :x. I focused more on backend development by

                working with Mentor on their then new device generators and adding a schematic

                driven layout flow.


                Currently, I'm at Lattice semiconductor in Hillsboro Oregon. My focus recently has

                been on xRC/LVS/DRC for our internal PDK's. I feel xRC is the most

                challenging of these areas mainly because there are so many different

                ways that it can be run to produce the required netlist and also

                because it's hard to confirm that the results are correct.





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                  Welcome to the community!






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                    Hi everyone,




                    I'm James Paris and have been working as a Calibre Technical Marketing Engineer at  Mentor since  2000. During that time, I've supported DRC, LVS and a little bit of extraction. I spent many years supporting our customers who use Calibre within the Cadence environment and PDK development. Prior to working at Mentor, I spent about 8 years doing custom layout, CAD, and a little bit of place and route as a back-end AMS layout engineer using primarily Cadence tools.






                    I really enjoy working on PV methodology issues and prototyping flows that solve real customer issues. Currently, I am supporting Calibre DRC with a focus on Calibre Incremental DRC and hierarchical database compare with DBdiff. I look forward to participating in this community to provide additional support to our customers.









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                      Hi Daran. It's nice to meet you. Do you have any recommendations on how xRC can be easier to use, or on how to make it easier to confirm that the results are correct?









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                        Hi All:


                        I'm Farshad and I work for Mentor also. I am a technical writer supporting the xRC product. My experience includes analog/mixed-signal circuit design, CAD engineering (Cadence Pcell developer), project management, design kit management and coordination, and some other boring stuff.  My interests include my wife and 4 kids, gardening, wood working, (lots of) reading, and the occasional video game.




                        Farshad Dailami  | Mentor Graphics Technical Publications | 208.478.1894







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                          Hi Karen,

                          Thanks for your interest in my suggestions! Maybe I should start a separate thread on the subjects of my thoughts on possible improvements and methods for validating results. I enjoy using the Calibre family of products and finding way to use them to solve other problems.



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                            My name is Luan. I've been a Cailbre user for quite some time. My focus area is design kit development and I had worked on many DRC, LVS, and extraction flows. In conjunction with technical duties, I manage a CAD team.






                            I am looking forward to participate in these forums.












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                              Hi Luan,



                              Thanks for participating. Welcome!






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                                Hi everyone,



                                I am Nicolas Richaud (Nico). I have been for 3 months by  Mentor. I do like Architha the Associate AE program with Calibre in Europe at our Munich office.



                                In resume, I studied at the electronics engineer school of Bordeaux (ENSEIRB) in France and I did my Masterthesis at Infineon in collaboration with the Munich University.

                                The Theme of my masterthesis was to develop an application to help retroengineer = legal spying  )



                                Otherwise, by living in Bordeaux (city of wine) and Munich (city of beer), you can understand that I enjoy life. Rugby, mountain sport and languages are some of my favorites hobbies as well.



                                Have fun!









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                                  Hi ,


                                  I am shankar from india, working as physical design engineer at Tallika. Currently using Calibre for drc/lvs/xrc. Nice to join in this community 

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                                    I'm CAD engineer on design kit development and mainly on DRC, LVS.



                                    very happy to meet you.






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