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    Migration issue

      During the migration of a design from 2007 to 9.1 i am getting an error:


      Valid directories have not been found for the following entries in one of .ini files:
      DIR [w] "u:\\SBS-2008\RedirectedFolders\joe bloggs\My Documents\pcb_data\camscan\wapiti_lib" (wapiti_lib)


      the original path in the viewdraw.ini file is:

      DIR [w] "$LOGINSERVER\user_private\joe bloggs\My Documents\pcb_data\camscan\wapiti_lib" (wapiti_lib)

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          The variable $LOGINSERVER is being expanded to a mix of UNC path and drive letter. In general we only support Environment Variables enclosed by {} in DxD 2007.x/PADS9.x.You should try replacing the variable with ${LOGINSERVER} in the viewdraw.ini file prior to migration or replace it with a mount point such as u:\pathname to see if this fixes the problem.