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Is there a way to have the embedded database data stored on a different drive than the application?

Question asked by kathy_regan on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by mike_templeman

I came up with the following method to accomplish this and would like to know if this is an acceptable and supported solution.


1. Shutdown the Vesys Manager and the Embedded Database.
2. Open a command window and execute a regedit, and edit the Vesys Embedded Database 2009.1 service (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SYSTEM>ControlSet001>Services)
3. Click on ImagePath and RMB>Modify .  Edit the path after the -D to be the path where the DB files resides.
4. Start up Vesys Embedded Database and then Vesys Manager.
I placed my database files in another directory and modified the services to be: