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    Vesys 2



      Is there a way to create a 'virtual wire' or 'PCB track' in Vesys 2 as per in Vesys Classic?

      I have created a 'device' in Vesys Symbol that contains a relay. But can not add in Symbol any wiring, and when the 'device' is imported into Design I can only seem to be able to add a normal wire.

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          Hi Ian,


          I believe that you place graphical lines in Symbol and then create an electrical model that is attached to the symbol in order to define the internal connectivity/functionality.

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            Great news...


            The ability to add "Connectivity" within VeSys 2.0 Symbol will be possible with version 2010.1 (due for release during the summer of 2010), this will allow you to create virtual wires or fuse / diode links within your symbols.