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    Hyperlynx 8 simulation help needed



      I am trying to perform Signal Intergrity analysis on one of the line schamtics.


      I am using Stratix II transreceiver at input as well as at output. whenever I try to run the simualtion for eye diagram i get the following error:


      Failed to start the simulation :

      Environmental Variables required for the simulatior not set.


      I am new to this software.

      Please help!


      Thanks in advance


      I have attached the snapshot for the reference.

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          Hi Chandrachood,


          For this particular issue, it's probably best to submit a service request and have the customer support team take a look.  We could go back and forth on this forum, but it wouldn't be nearly as efficient for you because I would just be taking guesses at what might be going on.  From the error message, it sounds like HyperLynx can't find the ADMS SPICE engine (which is part of the HyperLynx install but requires some environment variables) for some reason.  Customer support should be able to get you up and running quickly.



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            Thank you for the update . I see many forums about getting errors while running ADMS engine on version 8.XX ! so is it a generic situation?

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              I wouldn't classify it as generic.  Usually they are very specific issues often times related to models or possible search paths (ADMS can't handle spaces because it comes from a UNIX environment).  The one general case that you may see comments on is in relation to running ADMS on a Win7 64 bit machine.  In this case, we have to switch the UI to Windows classic mode in order to run the simulations and there was an issue seen by a customer in China during this switching process.  It could have been related to system permissions or something else, I'm not sure, but he found a reasonable work around by forcing classic mode on.