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    Unique Uses of HyperLynx Analog


      This discussion thread is intended to capture your unique uses of HyperLynx Analog and serve as a launching platform for other discussion threads.


      While we always encourage the discussion of ANY SPICE simulator within our community it does seem appropriate to occasionally have a discussion thread focused on HyperLynx Analog


      Share your creative processes here:


      • Have you created any unique design flows with HyperLynx Analog?

      • Have you explored EZwave waveform viewing and analysis and develop novel concepts?

      • Have you leveraged the simulation experiment setup to create new levels of flexibility?

      • Have you pioneered streamlined PCB design processes with integrated functional simulation and PCB physical layout?


      • Don't limit yourself to the inspirational topics above; Any creative usage of HyperLynx Analog is welcome!


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          No one has posted a reply to this message yet. I guess I should break the ice. It is my personal opinion that an engineer is compelled to engineering through DNA more than education.


          Here is one example of where I am using HyperLynx Analog:




          Yes, I design and build my own Alternate Energy devices. It is more than therapeutic!


          I use DxDesigner with HyperLynx Analog to design the power conversion and control boards. I certainly am not able to afford the prototype path... they need to work the "first time".


          To view my collection of pictures visit MySpace.


          I am confident that other members of the engineering family are as compelled by their DNA to create interesting projects. Let's hear about it!!