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    Pop up window in Expedition


      I havn't had a chance to research/look into this yet, but while the thought is in my head.


      Is there a way to have a customized pop up window message appear when Expedition is opened? (sort of llike the "Tip of the Dasy")


      I have some reminders I'd like to convey to my group when designs are opened.

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          Hello Michael,


          I think what you intend to do should work with the following approach:


          1. Write your VBS program that pops up your message
          2. Call your program by adding a line with the scripts path in the scripts.ini.
            It will run on every open document event.



          after every Formard annotation, the document is opened, so the call will run.



          To make it more professional do it like this:

          • write vbs that creates an environment variable to toggle if script has run already / today
          • If popup has to appear, you can trigger this by an application event function looking for "OnOpenDocument" event
          • your framework VBS has to be called from scripts.ini.


          Kind regards,