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    ESD simulation


      Hi ,

      Just curious if there is any tech note for ESD simulation through hyperlynx. is it even possible?

      Thanks a lot for any help or suggestions.


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          Hi Kale,


          Are you wanting to do ESD susceptibility simulations (i.e. zap the board with 10KV) and see what happens?  If so, there's not really a good way to do this.  You can do some EMI simulations to look at spectral content of a net and understand it's radiation which could tell you a little about its susceptibility to ESD, but it's more inferring that there could be a problem rather than doing the ESD testing.


          We also have another tool called Quiet Expert that might be helpful.  It does physical design checking and could help you identify structures that might physically present a problem from an ESD perspective.  It is also good for doing electrical and physical checks for EMI (and pretty much anything else you want to check for on the PCB) as well. 



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            Thanks steve.

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              I recently helped a customer develop models and a process for ESD test simulation in ICX. As part of the exploration, we tried the simulations in HyperLynx, too. HyperLynx works will with a SPICE model of the ESD event, as does ICX, but ICX did a little better in displaying current waveforms. This customer was very interested in the current, so this led them to use ICX. The also had some requirements for special features that we could implement immediately in ICX.


              If you have specific requirements, you can open an SR on SupportNet and I'll help you explore methods in ICX or HyperLynx that will get you what you need. I might be able to connect you with the customer I mentioned if that would be useful.

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                Hi Weston,

                I opened an SR



                Thanks a lot