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    Line and Arc, 3D Body Outline


      I'm trying to make a body outline for a TO-92.  I tried using a separate line and an arc using a Path.  When I run the 3D body viewer, the outline is there, but not filled in.  So I made the same line and arc using a polygon. Now the 3D body outline does not show up in the 3D viewer.  Any idea what's going on?

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          Not really, but why don't you just import a STL file for the TO-92 from 3Dcentral.com?




          In PADS 9.1 the command is <File><3D Cell Import...>


          Is your polygon on the proper layer?  I have a note to check MG518767 for details on this topic.


          I've been told by Mentor support that the 3D-Viewer is basically a poorly supported 'feature' that was carried over from another product.  There are hints that Mentor will replace it soon with real 3D capability like Altium has.


          John D