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    Put contour




      I want to put by automation a contour from A to B

      I known the hole name "Rnd 2 +/-Tol 0.05 Non-Plated"

      This hole is not be used on the board but is available in the local library

      How do I get the right hole assigned to the phole in the PutContourEx command






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          Hello Mans,

          the idea is, to put the hole in th edocument first:

          set HoleObject = docObject.PutHole("Rnd 2 +/-Tol 0.05 Non-Plated")

          If the hole is not in your loclib, it should be retriefed from Central Lib anyway.

          Next you can place the countour:

          set ContourHandle = docObject.PutContour(Length, PointsArray, HoleObject, epcbCompensationCenter, epcbContourInternal, 0, ComponentObject)


          I just translated it from TCL, so may be syntax is not correct.

          It shows the way it works.




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            Hello Adreas,


            What you suggested that works.

            But a new problem has been occured I can run the sub 3 times and then he gives a Exception ("invalid access to memory location (Exception from HRESULT:0x800703E6)

            What I am trying is I select 2 filled circles in the layout extract the x,y coordinates from start and end and put a contour between the 2 circles

            Here is my peace of code (written in VB.net)

            Any idea


            Public Sub Find_SlectedShapes_And_PutContourLine()

            Gfxs = pcbDoc.UserLayerGfxs(MGCPCB.



            Dim name As String = String.Empty


            Dim Iposx1 As Double = 0


            Dim Iposx2 As Double = 0


            Dim Iposy1 As Double = 0


            Dim Iposy2 As Double = 0

            Dim GfxSelected As Integer = 0


            Dim Pnts As Integer = 0


            Dim Comp As MGCPCB.Component


            Dim SafeArrayOfPnts(2, 1) As Double


            Dim I As Integer = 0


            For Each Gfx In Gfxs


            If StrComp(Gfx.UserLayer.Name, "General Remarks") = 0 Then


            If Gfx.Geometry.Filled = True Then


            If Gfx.Selected = True Then

            GfxSelected = GfxSelected + 1


            Select Case GfxSelected


            Case 1

            Iposx1 = Gfx.Geometry.CircleX

            Iposy1 = Gfx.Geometry.CircleY


            Case 2

            Iposx2 = Gfx.Geometry.CircleX

            Iposy2 = Gfx.Geometry.CircleY


            Case 3


            MessageBox.Show("more the 2 items selected (exit)")


            Exit Sub


            End Select


            End If


            End If


            End If




            If GfxSelected = 1 Then

            contours = pcbDoc.Contours(MGCPCB.



            For Each contour In contours




            End If

            Comp =


            SafeArrayOfPnts(0, 0) = Iposx1 : SafeArrayOfPnts(1, 0) = Iposy1 : SafeArrayOfPnts(2, 0) = 0.0

            SafeArrayOfPnts(0, 1) = Iposx2 : SafeArrayOfPnts(1, 1) = Iposy2 : SafeArrayOfPnts(2, 1) = 0.0



            pcbDoc.PutContourEx(2, SafeArrayOfPnts, 1, 4, Phole, MGCPCB.

            EPcbCompensationType.epcbCompensationLeft, _


            EPcbContourType.epcbContourInternal, False, Comp, MGCPCB.EPcbUnit.epcbUnitCurrent)


            Catch E As Exception



            End Try



            End Sub









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              Hello Mans,


              I have no idea, but some thoughts to look on.

              Its strngly depending, from what you do outside the sub.

              Try to isolate the sub and run it as a loop. Does it occur again?

              How many library accesse dou you have?

              E.g. we have seen a Cell Editor issue, with exeption after more than 50 opens.

              So I would have a look into the library accesses and minimize them.




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                Hello Adreas,


                I stripped the sub and everything works fine now.