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    Scripting for border properties - value


      Hello everybody,

      we use a PDM-System for manage all projects. The pdm-system give us the drawing-number and the project-name. Our frame in dxdesigner is a symbol with the properties PDM-No and PDM-Name. I want to fillthe properties automaticlly but I don't know how to do this. Can everyone help me or push me on the right way.


      best regards


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          For manual updates, see DxDesigner Users' Guide, search for "Changing Border Properties".


          You can try writing the borders.ini and running the Update Border Properties command, but that may not work.


          Otherwise, visit each sheet (see http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-1345), loop over every

          component to see if it is a border symbol, if so, add or set the properties. Like this:

          Dim sBorderAttrs : sBorderAttrs = ""
          sBorderAttrs = sBorderAttrs & "3 1 PDMNum=" & sPDMNum & vbCr
          sBorderAttrs = sBorderAttrs & "3 1 PDMName=" & sPDMName & vbCr
               For Each objComp In ActiveView.Query(VDM_COMP, VD_ALL)
                    If objComp.SymbolBlock.IsBorderSymbol Then
                         objComp.AddBatchOATs sBorderAttrs
                    End If





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            Hello John,


            the script is ok. It is working fine. Thank you


            Best regards