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How to synchronize connectors in different diagrams?

Question asked by j.j.vandoornik on Feb 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2011 by Nuri

Hi everyone,


I just started using VeSys for the design of our wiring harness, but struggling with one thing. I have one diagram with an ECU with 5 connectors on it. Every connector is for a different part of the harness, and I made 5 diagrams (one for each part). What I want is that the 5 connectors in the ECU diagram are synchronized and also appear in the 5 different diagrams for the seperate parts of the harness. So if I change one pin of the design of one of the harness part diagrams it will also be changed in the ECU diagram and vice-versa. I hope you understand my problem and hope that there's a solution.


Another small question: why can't I have the same names of pins on one device? I have devices with multiple connectors with grounds, and it's really frustrating having to call these GND1, GND2, etc.