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    Find propertie in border symbols?


      Hello everybody,

      i work on a script to make a table of contents from all sheet using the border symbol. In the border symbol there is a property named "Schaltungsteil". This porperty is on every sheet of schematic in a design.

      The problem is, i don´t know how i can read this property? Has anyone an idea?


      For example there is a screenshot of the border symbol:



      Thanks a lot.


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          Hi Mario,


          First, find the border symbol instance using the View.Query method and checking for IsBorderSymbol property, then call FindAttribute:


               For Each comp in ActiveView.Query(VDM_COMP, VD_ALL)

                    If comp.SymbolBlock.IsBorderSymbol Then

                         Set attr = comp.FindAttribute("Schaltungsteil")

                         If Not attr Is Nothing Then

                              sSchaltungstiel = attr.Value

                         End If

                    End If



          If you have replicated hieararchy, you should use the InstanceValue property instead of Value.



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            Hi John,


            it works! Thanks.