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    PADS Logic (9.1) border update/global replace


      PADS Logic (9.1)  How can I globally update borders or sheets with a revised SIZEA2 border/format?

      I have a 36 sheet schemtic that requires a new border with a revision block added... to be implemenetd globally for all sheets?

      Can this be done without losing current data that is in title blocks?

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          <Tools><Options>(Design) then choose a new sheet border.


          Your sheet borders get defined as 'Lines' type in the library browser.  As long as all your same fields are in the new border you won't lose anything.  Export your sheet from Library Manager to see what fields are defined.


          While I haven't done this since V2005.2 everything should still work.

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            Selecting the text and change it to a "Field" name with a value.  Do this for the revisions, Part number, Title1, title2, any other text that are the same on all sheets of a design logic.


            You then edit all the text from 1 sheet and all sheets are changed.


            I even made the BOM list Field text and some specific notes.  Now I'm trying to make a script to extract information from the sht1 Logic to use for build option BOM reports.