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    How to copy one PCB layout and paste several same boards together


      Hi everyone,


      I use Expedition PCB to build one PCB. Right now, I am going to send this board out to be fabricated. The board is charged by the area. So I want to put two or three the same boards to fit the area. I already finished one board layout. But the problem is that I am not sure if I can just defind the board area and copy and paste one board in that area. I tried to use the copy operations in the Expedition PCB. But it would not be able to let me do it. So can I do it in Expedition PCB? And how can I do it?




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          There are 2 ways to do this...


          1 - You could use the Fablink tools to create your own panel with the multi-up array.

          2 - You can use copy circuit, but the circuit would also need to be duplicated in your schematic.


          But here is the correct method...


          All pcb designs are typically  one up data sent to the fab house. Once there the fab house will do the multi up array on the panel size of their choice. You need to do nothing. Just tell them that you want to order a Min Lot fabrication. Then the fab house will put as many of your boards on the smallest panel they use, as they can. They will fill the area for you.



          Vern Wnek