CES Automation Changes

Discussion created by steve_shively on Apr 14, 2011
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Mentor Graphics is making key changes to the automation interface to the Constraint Editor System (CES), known as CES Automation in order to improve is usability and data integrity. The changes we are making and the reasoning for them are described in the document posted in this community called "CES Automation Customer Letter".


This discussion has been set up to facilitate communication with customers affected by these changes.


Over time, the CES Automation interface will be removed and we will replace it with new capabilities in CES. For customers using CES Automation today, it is important to understand our plans and work with us to prepare for a smooth migration away from this interface.


For customers that want to request specific functionality to be added to CES as a result of this, use the Mentor Graphics’ Ideas site to document your request, and be sure to tag them with “CES Automation”.