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    Property text for Mechanical Cells




      Hi all,

      can somebody recommend how to place Property text into mechanical cell? I'm not able to place such a property text. What's wrong?

      Customer would like to see this placed property in ExpeditionPCB later.


      Property text works well in "normal" Package.


      Thank you


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          Try opening the Mechanical Cell Properties window under the Mechanical tab in the Cell Editor.  Then click on the Custom Properties... button to bring up the Custom properties dialog box.




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            I  guess Martin was puzzled why he can't see the type of property text in cell editor while he try to add this of type text string to mechanical cell.


            The property text is only for package cell, not for mechanical cell. This of type text is a holder for properties of the component.


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              Ok guys,

              customer will have to use customer properties to add his prop and value.

              But how to do to be able to see this customer properties in layout....e..g. as Ref. designator?

              He would like to have a look at the layout and see this value... not to have to open another dialogs (click on component and select properties...)




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                In default mode, Expeditionpcb does't display the Ref desinators of mechanical cells.If your customer persists on seeing Ref desinators, just re-numbering it (ECO-Renumber Ref Des...).



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                  I know.. the ref. des. of mechanical part is not displayed... but what about custom properties?... does exist some way how to display them in layout?


                  (and this is the easiest task... the customer has nested parts... mech. parts in package and would like to display of both (mech. and package) Property values )





                  NOTE: I'm not sure the mechanical part can have Ref. des. in ExpeditionPCB data structure properties... in Repert Writer I can't see it

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                    Once you do the renumber of the mechanical cell step that Yanfeng suggested the reference designators do show up on the silk and assembly layers in Expedition.

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                      Hi Jeff,

                      I have 3 thinks:

                      1) I can't see mech parts in the list for renumbering.. see my pisture.. mech parts are not included -why?

                      (I have 2 lonely - upper and 2 nested close to the CON1)


                      2) If I manage to see Ref. des. of mech parts I NEED to display another mech. properties - custom text property


                      3) For nested parts with mechanical part - need to display custom text property and ref. designator too


                      Are this all possible?

                      Thank you

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                        For number 1, put a * in the prefixes text box and then you will see the mechanical parts.  As far as the rest of your questions, I will have to pass to someone else because I don't know the answer.



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                          Hi Jeff,

                          to use * character I would use in case I choose INCLUDE ... I have checked the EXCLUDED choise....

                          OK.. If I choose INCLUDE...  see the result..... still the same part is choosen.



                          I guess somethink is wrong with sw.

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                            Hi Martin,


                            Do you only add mount holes on the connector cell ?  The normal steps to do:

                            1) Create mechanical type cell where you can add some of mount holes(one of padstack types)

                            2) Create nested packag type cell where you add the pins and those mechanical cells

                            3) put it on layout

                            My suggestion works well and you definitely will see  those Refs for mechanicall cells associated with package cell after renumbering it, And you can see those mechical refs and description on the bom.


                            Additionally, You can't assign and display the property text for mechanical cell. The property text is only for pin and package cell, and the porperty text is a copper text.


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                              Hi Yanfeng,

                              my case is just as a demonstration.... but is correctly defined and placed in layout.... EE7.9.1.


                              I would expect to see ref. des. for my (lonely) mechanical components.... but I can't see....?? don't know why.

                              I'm not sure that I'll see ref. des for nested package (my example of connector with 2 nuts).

                              Renumbering works odd in EE7.9.1. because as you can notice I can't see mech. parts in the noticed list...


                              Concerning the property text:

                              - I don't agree with you that property text can't be assigned to mechanical parts...It is possible.. see my picture.

                              - apparently the property text can't be displayed in layout.. but this was ONE OF MY reason why I opened this discussion... TRY TO FIND TO DISPLAY PROPERTY TEXT OF MECHANICAL PART.


                              thank you

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                                It's custom properties,not the property text.  For custom peperties, no way to bring to layout except you explicitly add it while creating the cell.

                                Property text is a total different cocept(please chcek the user guide).




                                I really don't known why you can't make it displayed, but I guess you may wrongly understand what I said. Would you like to put your sample data here? I



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                                  Hi Yanfeng,

                                  thank you for your answers!


                                  The reason why I display some property (some user text which he can see on drawing and extract from database data) is the customer requirements.... it is customer....he need it... I try to find a way to oblige to customer.


                                  But many thanks