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    What does "Display Wire Current Flow Direction" do?


      I have been doing a lot of simulating and playing around with VeSys and I have always wondered what does the Diplay Wire Current Flow Direction box do under the Electrical tab in Design Options.


      I have checked the box and unchecked the box and seen nothing change in my schematic.


      Is it one of those fake features to get your hopes up?

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          Selecting that option should show graphically which direction the current flows, the linetype changes to one with arrows on i.e. ------->------>-------.


          This feature uses AutoCAD linetypes, the following changes to a drawing can prevent the "Display Current Flow Direction" from working:


          • Changing the default linetype of a wire away from "Continuous"
          • Purging the linetype _VeSys_Sneak from the drawing.  When the current flow direction is switched on it converts the linetype from Continuous to _VeSys_Sneak
          • Changing the default text style "Standard" font from "text.shx" to something else can change the appearance of the Wire Current Flow