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    DxDesigner 7.9.2: Event ActivateView2 doesn't start



      I'm using following script in DxDesigner. The script shall be activated after the first shematic sheet is openend


      Function dxdapp_ActivateView2(v)
        MsgBox "View " & v.Block.GetName(0) & " activated"

        Do more.....
      End Function


      set dxdapp= GetObject(,"Viewdraw.Application")

      Scripting.AttachEvents Application, "dxdapp" ' This seems to be unnecessary as event handlers seem to be always processed regardless of this call.


      ' Keep running
      Scripting.DontExit = False


      However: As long as I don't use Scripting.DontExit = True, it does nothing. But I don't want to use Scripting.DontExit = True since the script shall run only once.


      Can anybody help?


      Kind regards,