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    EE7.x doesn't use the WDIR convention for all tools.


      How come the new Part list tool in EE7.9.2 doesn't use the WDIR to find the default "PartListerDefaultsNL.ipl" file?  It only looks in the standard directory for the file.


      We are installing EE7.9.2 locally on each user's PC.  I don't have any idea who has the software installed.  How am I supposed to get a good PartlisterDefaultNL.ipl file copied to each user's PC?


      The WDIR was one of the best features of ePD2005.  Why can't EE7.x use the WDIR as it was meant to be used?


      This isn't the only tool that doesn't use the WDIR like you think it should.  The migration tools have the same problem.


      It's been over 3 years since EE7.x first came out and Mentor still hasn't fixed this.  How much longer do we need to wait?



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          Apparently the wdir path was overlooked for this file;


          There are 2 options for specifing the location.


          First - The default location is specified in DxDesigner.XML

                <key name="PARTSLISTER_DEFAULTS" value="${SDD_HOME}/standard/PartListerDefaults.ipl"/>

          This can be edited to a new value, and with this key in the XML file it does obey the wdir path rules.


          Second - The location can also be specified in a project template file.

                  KEY PartListerCfg "C:\UserData\MyProjects\EE7.9.3\F2Back\TextOutput.ipl"


          You will note that there are 2 files listed, the defaults file, and the Configuration file.  The defaults file is readonly, and if a change occurs, all of the settings (not just changed settings) are saved to the new "configuration file" typically named Partslister.ipl



          Gary Lameris

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            I found out about this undocumented feature yesterday after I put in a SR.  Why isn't this documented anywhere?  What other "features" like this aren't documented?


            Also, the WDIR worked great for stuff like this in ePD2005.  In EE7.x only some tools use the WDIR, other tools do not.  Other tools ignore the WDIR entirely and only look in the "standard" folder for configuration files. The migration process is a good example of this.  Now when the user installs the software, we now have to have a script that copies needed config file to the standard folder.   I've got ~400 users of DxDesigner with EE7.x installed locally on their PC at 15 locations across the world.  If I have to change a config file that goes in the standard folder, you tell me how to make sure the user gets the updated file. 


            This behavior makes it difficult to know which  tools use what convention for finding config files and it makes it difficult to manage the software in a multi-site environment.  Mentor really needs to get it's act together and make this consistent.  I would prefer the WDIR method as it's easier to manage than having to edit either the template .prj file or the DxDesigner.xml file.



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              Not exactly addressing this issues but could help others with this problem: We use a batch to start the icdbPartLister.exe and point it to an *.ipl file placed anywhere including a server.  Below is a copy of that batch file.

              We use to format different output files from icdbPartsLister but now we load the output from icdbPartLister into Excel and do it within Excel with VB scripts.  The variables that you see are used in those scripts.


              dir/b "%CURRENT_PROJECT_PATH%\*.prj" >C:\wdir\BOM\BOM_1.txt

              FOR /F "eol=c tokens=1,6* delims= " %%i IN (C:\WDIR\BOM\BOM_1.txt) DO set BOM_Proj=%CURRENT_PROJECT_PATH%\%%i

              FOR /F "eol=c tokens=1,6* delims= " %%r IN (C:\WDIR\BOM\BOM_1.txt) DO CALL %SDD_HOME%\wv\win32\bin\icdbPartsLister.exe -d "%CURRENT_PROJECT_PATH%\%%r" -i "C:\wdir\BOM\Partlister_ZIN.ipl" -b "%WBLOCK%" -o "C:\wdir\BOM\%WBLOCK%.lst"

              set BOM_TXT=%WBLOCK%.lst

              set BOM_DIR=%CURRENT_PROJECT_PATH%


              del C:\WDIR\BOM\BOM_1.txt

              CALL "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12\Excel.exe" "C:\wdir\BOM\ZIN_bom_seed.xls"

              del C:\wdir\BOM\%WBLOCK%.lst




              Good luck