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    Duplicate block in both schematic and layout


      I'm trying to duplicate a section of an existing layout (PADS LAYOUT).  This section has more than 50 components.  I can copy/paste or use the "reuse" block commands successfully to duplicate the layout section.  The problem I have is when I ECO back to PADS Logic, the components in the new block schematic is dispersed and no longer resembles the copied schematic.  I can also copy blocks in LOGIC but the layout information is not transferred.  Is there a way to duplcate blocks and have the layout and schematic be similiar to the original design?

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          Use the "Reuse" function for this. You will still have to clean up the silk, because for some reason, reuse doesn't include the designator placements. But this will work.


          Select the circuit you want to duplicate, and save it as a reuse, then select the duplicated parts that have been imported from your schematic and click on the "Make Like Reuse" button under routing, then select the appropriate saved reuse.


          Understand that the two circuits or circuit sections have to be EXACTLY the same, down to connectivity and part names (but not designators of course).