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    power, speed, area analysis


      dear sir,

      my self Gowda NP,

      i am a student of 8th sem ECE in East West Institute Of Technology.

      In my final year project, i want to do power, area, speed analyses. And i am working on IC station platform.

      Is there any procedure to do above Parameters....





      Gowda NP

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          Hello Mr. Gowda,


          I am a Technical Writer working with the IC Station documentation team in Mentor Graphics.


          To assist you better, your responses to the following questions will be helpful:

          • Can you tell me which tool you are working with in the IC Station platform? Is it the front-end application Design Architect-IC or the back-end tool (ICgraph/IC Station)?
          • We have had multiple versions and releases of IC Station. Could you look up the version you are working with using the pull-down menu option Help > About, and tell me the exact version that is displayed?
          • Could you also provide more info on what task you are trying to accomplish? (Mention technical details such as: are you in Simmulation mode in Design Architect-IC trying to add parameters to assess the speed, etc)


          The more detailed information I have, the more accurate I can be in pinning down the solution for you.


          Thanks and regards,

          Anju Prakash