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    Location of source files


      I've generated some library parts and a small harness design, locally on my PC.  To enable this design to be worked on by a colleague, I need to transfer these files to a central location on a server --- which will also enable it to be backed up regularly.


      I've searched on my PC for the design name, harness name, wire names within the design etc but I'm unable to locate the source files.  What specifically should I be searching for?



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          Hi Clare,

          The VeSys 2.0 design data, library data and symbol data are all stored in a database.  To extract these from the database, for upload onto a common VeSys 2.0 server, you would need to export as XML then import into the target system.  You can do this individually, using the File->Export actions (within the VeSys Design/Harness, VeSys Components and VeSys Symbol applications), or you can do this using the "vesysmigrate" actions (which is a commnad line tool used for migration of data - see http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-1573).

          The process to migrate data is described in the installation/upgrade documentation, however if you are having difficulties and need assistance then I would recommend that you create a Service Request from SupportNet.

          Kind Regards,