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    Use caution when setting your system date.


      What I did was set the system date to april instead of march. Pads Logic was run while the system clock was still set to april. Pads logic ran fine.


      The system clock was restored to the correct month of March. Now Pads Logic and layout run in demo mode and a dialog box comes up and

      states the system clock was set back. Please reset to the correct date.


      What I suspect is that the license manager is storing the last log on date and will not run if the log on date is newer than the system date.


      How do I fix this?


      P McLeod

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          You are correct that caution  should be used in setting or even looking at system date on Windows.  System date is critical for our licensing to function properly and it  can be easy to set it to the wrong date. Fortunately, if you  accidentally set the date wrong and set it correctly before running any  Mentor application, you should not encounter any problem.


          Given that this is part of our security system, you'll need to open a Service Request for this and have one of our CAE's help you resolve it. With current  versions of our software, the fix cannot be implemented without direct  support.


          Best Regards,