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    DxDesigner Scripting, how to exit program


      Say I have a form (efm) that includes edit box and a button.  The button does a bunch of things but first it needs to check to ensure that file specified in edit box is excel file.  Here's what I have done but this does not work i.e. get the error shown in snapshot below and DxDesigner crashes.  The code you see below is in efm (form) as supposed to a vbs file.  It looks like I cannot use For iOuterloop = 1 to 1 in efm (it works fine in a vbs).  How to work around this?  Ideas are appreciated.


      Sub Button1_EventClick()

      Dim This : Set This = Button1


           For iOuterLoop = 1 To 1


              sEditBoxText = EditBox1.Text


              ' ensure that Edit Box Text is xlsx file


              EditTextArray = Split(sEditBoxText, ".")

              iLastSubscript = UBound(EditTextArray)


              sLastArrayValue = EditTextArray(iLastSubscript)

              sLastArrayValue = LCase(sLastArrayValue)


              If sLastArrayValue <> "xlsx" Then


                  MsgBox "This is not an Excel file"

                  Exit Sub




                'all code goes here


              End If