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    Mentor PADS-related job opening


      Do you know a PADS Layout Designer looking for work?


      There is an opening for a Technical Writer to work on documenting the PADS software.

      Our ideal candidate is someone with PADS specific PCB layout experience who would be interested in writing software documentation.


      See Mentor's Career posting for more information.





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          All well and good, but they want someone with an EE. Seems you can't see a PCB-Layout-related job anyiore without that stupid EE requirement.


          I (and I'm sure there are many others) have tons of experience, but don't have that piece of paper, which makes me not qualified to do what I've been doing for over 25 years.


          And I apologize for this. It's just frustrating as h*** and I needed to vent.

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            Funny thing is PCB design is an engineering support position and, while the knowledge level is substantial, it is nothing compared to a qualified EE.  Just my opinion, but why would an EE waste his education doing something I can do with my simple AET degree and for a lot less money than what a practicing EE can earn?  I guess it just goes to show you 50% of all EE's graduated in the bottom half of their class....


            I have a feeling I am going to be crucified for this post.

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              I had the exact same feeling when I read this, John. Then after you posted I figure I'd chime in. It is oddly ironic that us "old fogies" in this business would not 'qualify' on paper for the job we've been doing for decades.  If I were suddenly unemployed, I would have a snowflakes chance of qualifying for the same job I've been doing. Only because I do not possess an EE. I'm one of those guys whose number came up to go fight a war while others were getting their degrees. So, I have an honorable discharge from serving my country instead of getting an education and now I am not qualified for a job that I have decades of experience in. Am I bitter - of course. But I would not trade the time I spent in the service of my country for anything.

              <soapbox mode off>

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                jmatthews, DenisL,


                It's hard to write a job description that speaks to all potential applicants. I just spoke to the hiring manager about this. Anyone with equivalent layout experience should apply.


                The following is my unofficial interpretation of the situation and not Mentor's:

                Imagine if we couldn't get an experienced layout designer like yourselves and we only get applicants who are relatively new to the workforce. We'd want an EE with some knowledge of PCB layout. Those qualifications would help us narrow down the field to people who could best understand layout concepts.

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                  Colin, I understand your position, and also how HR tends to think.  But that kind of HR-think is what forces companies to hire improperly qualified people, who in turn provide a lower level of service to the customer.  I know  lot of EEs with "PCB design experience" who have very little knowledge or understanding of PCB design.  I also know a lot of great PCB designers who couldn't write clear instructions on pouring their pre-layout cup of coffee.  And therein lies the problem.  For a number of years, many Mentor users had a common compaint that the software, manuals, etc., seemed to be created by people who didn't understand how the product would be used.  That's gotten better in recent years, (thanks for listening), but can you see how a job description like that can scare your customers a little bit?  HR people know HR only, colleges tell them to ask for more than they need, but sometimes it becomes asking for something they don't need at all.  This position requires solid experience in PCB design, solid experience in the tools, excellent writing skills, but no experience at all in Electrical Engineering.  That's a completely different field.  If they feel teh need to ask for the obligatory 4 year degree (which doesn't really exist for PCB design), perhaps tech writing, communications, English - might be moare applicable degrees.


                  Not that this helps you solve your problem, It's not going to be easy finding the person you need.  But it might help you understnad why the job posting got the response it did here, and what we, your customers, would like to see.



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                    I want to continue with my aggressive roadmap to improve/upgrade/augment the PADS documentation and I need a replacement on my team who can add value from their PCB layout experience.


                    The hiring manager had the description updated to include the degree equivalency info.




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                      Why would you be crucified?


                      I do have a question about the job, if it hasn't been filled - Is this a Massachusetts-specific job or can it be done remotely? I would be interested, but, assuming I could qualify, I'm not sure there's any way I could uproot my family and/or even afford the cost of moving right now.

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                        I've been to any number of U2U's and DCW's where designers with EE's tend to feel they are on a different level then the rest of us.  I expected one or two of them to get on here and have a word or two of, shall we say "vigorous rebuttal"?


                        It is just my opinion, and an unproven one at that, but a talented PCB designer has every bit of the intellectual acumen of a EE, but because of finances, desire, or circumstances simply does not have the college.  The EE type designers tend to take offense to that opinion.

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                          Nah, this is a PCB layout site, it would be beneath guys like that to slum here...

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                            LOL, very true.

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                              Unless you also have Technical Writing experience, this job is currently Massachusetts-specific. From what I understand, not many applicants yet.

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                                Maybe y'all should advertise for a tech writer with layout experience. I know there are some folks like that out there.