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    Unable to checkout a viewer license [LINUX]


      Attempting to open Vsim using an evaluation license returns the fatal license error "Unable to checkout a viewer license necesarry for use of the QuestaSim graphical user interface. Vsim is closing." Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I am running Red Hat Enterprise 6.

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          Hi H376873,


          I believe it is the 'msimviewer' license that is failing, but it could be that licensing in general is failing because this is likely the first license being requested by the application. There are many causes for licensing errors and it would be difficult to troubleshoot on this Communities thread. Your best bet is to open a Service Request on SupportNet. If you don't have a SupportNet account refer to http://supportnet.mentor.com/contacts/supportcenters/index.cfm for more details on how you can get in touch with Customer Support, to get some help on the issue. If you run into any problems post back on this thread and we'll figure out the best way to assist you.