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    Plane area cutout stuck

    bruce.northrop Intermediate

      Issue of the day:  Adding fiducials.  I have a round pad with a round opeing in the plane around the pad.  I used Plane Area Cutout to make the opening.  I decided to move the fiducials to a better area, now the Plane Area opening is stuck in the old location.  Tried to delete all the plane data and re-do it, but it is still there.  Any suggestions??





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          pcbag Talented


          do you move also cut-out area when you move the fiducial?

          I suggest you to include the keepout into the fiducial component

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            DenisL Proficient

            When you build the fiducial decal you should include a "KeepOut" on the mounted side, rather than a  plane cutout.

            If the plane cutout is in the Layout area and not integrated with the fiducial part decal, then you may just need to regenerate the planes.

            First, turn off the plane display by using command SPO. Then the plane cutout should be visible. Re-generate the plane using Tools>Pour Manager.

            If the cutout does is not visible after invoking the SPO cmmand, you may need to do the "ASCII Dance" ... Export the job in ASCII format, then in a new session, re-import te ASC file. The plane cutout will then be visible (I know - it's a bit hinky)

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              bruce.northrop Intermediate

              I'm not using a fiducial decal.  It's just a round pad, a solder mask shape and a plane cutout.  Basically 3 parts with appropriate data on the same x/y locations.  I've tried the ascii dance, I've tried regen, tried deleting the plane and adding it again.  But it's still there.


              Sounds like probably a decal is a better way to go.  I've have used my current method on many boards with no problems, but still need to resolve this.





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                jduquette Master

                I use component (decal)s for my fiducials too.


                Try deleting the cutout again.  You might have had redudant items placed there.  PADS gets weird with that.

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                  David Ricketts Master

                  Making the fiducial a decal, therefore a part too, simplifies the process. As suggested already, use a keepout instead of a plane cutout. They just work better, and are easier to manipulate. You can also add a soldermask clearance the same size as the keepout and suppress the solder paste, which most board houses prefer.


                  Plane cutouts only work when they're combined with the plane. For the "stuck" cutout, have you tried to explode the plane? (select shape, explode. Uncombine doesn't always work).

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                    bruce.northrop Intermediate

                    My explode button is grayed out.  Am I missing a piece of PADS?

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                      jduquette Master

                      If PADS is behaving, it believes you are already exploded as far as you can go.


                      What are you trying to explode?  You might need to go up a level.

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                        jduquette Master

                        Back to your original post, you might want to try an ASCII out / ASCII in to see if something is odd in the design.  PADS will reject the culprit from the import and basically delete it for you.

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                          bruce.northrop Intermediate

                          As suggested above, I'm trying to explode the plane to hopefully get rid of the "stuck" cutout.


                          I've tried the ascii in/out thing, but no luck.  I'll try it again.