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    EE7.9.2 update 11




      I have installed Expedition EE7.9.2 and I have problem to enable concurrent design access.

      When I enable a design in Dxdesigner, and trying to connect with a second designer.


      Cannot open project using remote server :srvexpedition"


      I have no experience with windows security and I do not have help with IT people.


      I am doing everything alone.


      I do not know if it's a problem with installation rights, security with windows, problem with variable,

      problem with Wdir directories, etc.


      Everything work alone.


      Can someone help me.

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          I don't understand what is the issue you faced with. I suggest you try to run %DD_HOME%\iCDB\win32\bin\iCDBRSCMConfigurator.exe, to check RSCM is installed or correctly configued. If not, you may take a look on this post http://communities.mentor.com/message/31371#31371


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            Hello Pierre,


            Based on the error message I'd say the problem is that the credentials used to start the RSCM service (assuming it is running) do not allow the process spawned by the service (iCDBNetServer) access to the design data. This is usually the case when the service is using the default system credentials to run and the data is on a remote file system.


            I'd check the credentials used to run the RSCM service. You can read about that here:




            If you don't have access the SupportNet, open your Infohub and go to the Remote Server Configuration Manager and Server Manager Administrator's Guide. There is a section in there entitled 'Setting up the RSCM Server as a Windows Service', which explains how to configure the service credentials.


            If you are not familiar with the RSCM service, you should read the entire section called 'RSCM Server Administration'.


            Best regards,


            Ken Foster

            Mentor Graphics Customer Support