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    Silk Screen Ref Des orientation report



      Hi All,



      I am trying to genenrate 'Silk Screen reference designator's orientation report' (Based on ExcelCompList.xls)



      But with following code



      Range("C" & i).Select

      ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = cmp.FabricationLayerTexts(epcbFabSilkscreen).Item(cmp.Name).Format.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees)



      I am getting this error.








      Any clue? ?:|



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          I got an alternate route!

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            I wrote some code a while back that would look at the orientation of the ref des and change any that are at 180 to 0 and any that are at 270 to 90.  I wouldn't be too difficult to change this to get a report.



            ' ====================================================================
            ' This program looks at all of the silkcreen reference designators and
            ' changes any that are at 180 to 0 and at 270 to 90.
            ' This code is based on MoveAssemblyRef.vbs that is part of AATK 4.0
            ' from Mentor Graphics
            ' ====================================================================

            Option Explicit

            Dim pcbDoc 'As MGCPCB.Document
            Dim pcbApp
            Dim fabtxts 'As FabricationLayerTexts
            Dim fabtxt 'As FabricationLayerText
            Dim cnt

            'Begin Main program

            ' Get the application object
            Set pcbApp = GetObject(,"MGCPCB.ExpeditionPCBApplication")

            ' Get the active document
            Set pcbDoc = pcbApp.ActiveDocument

            ' License the document
            If (ValidateServer(pcbDoc) = 1) Then

            Set fabtxts = pcbDoc.FabricationLayerTexts(epcbFabAll, epcbSelectAll, epcbSideTopOrBottom, True)
            cnt = fabtxts.Count

            Call pcbApp.Gui.ProgressBarInitialize(True, "Progess", cnt, 0)
            Call pcbApp.Gui.StatusBarText("Running Ref Designator Rotation Fix",epcbStatusField1)
            cnt = 0

            For Each fabtxt In fabtxts

            If Not fabtxt.Component Is Nothing Then

            fabtxt.Component.Selected = True

            If fabtxt.Type = epcbFabSilkscreen Then

            Select Case fabtxt.Format.Orientation(epcbAngleUnitDegrees)
                Case 180
                Case 270
                Case Else
                'Do Nothing for 0 and 90
            End Select
            End If
            fabtxt.Component.Selected = False
            End If

            pcbApp.Gui.ProgressBar (cnt)
            cnt = cnt + 1

            End If

            pcbApp.Gui.ProgressBarInitialize (False)
            Call pcbApp.Gui.StatusBarText("Completed",epcbStatusField1)

            ' Begin Validate Server Function (Written By Mentor Graphics)
            Private Function ValidateServer(doc)
                Dim key, licenseServer, licenseToken

                ' Ask Expedition’s document for the key
                key = doc.Validate(0)

                ' Get license server
                Set licenseServer = CreateObject("MGCPCBAutomationLicensing.Application")

                ' Ask the license server for the license token
                licenseToken = licenseServer.GetToken(key)

                ' Release license server
                Set licenseServer = nothing

                ' Turn off error messages.  Validate may fail if the token is incorrect
                On Error Resume Next

                ' Ask the document to validate the license token
                If Err Then
                    ValidateServer = 0   
                    ValidateServer = 1
                End If

            End Function
            ' End Validate Server Function

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              Hi Jeff,


              That worked for me.

              Thank you !