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    Pre-merged rectangle selection


      Is it possible to select individual pre-merged overlapping rectangles on the same layer, using Calibre?


      I have a case where there are multiple rectangles, all overlapping, with one unique text string within each.  I can get a sense of how many are overlapped using the single layer AND ==x syntax, but I'd like to simply select the original rectangle is a certain test string is within it's extents.

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          Hi jim,


          I don't think it's possible... here's my reasoning:


          To select a polygon with an operation such as the "WITH TEXT" operation, the polygon layer going into that operation will by defintion be coming from an initial layer input operation such as the LAYER statement or a derived layer operation. Those all receive their input after an initial "OR" operation which in effect merges the overlapping shapes into one continuous shape. The only operation I'm aware of that doesn't utilize the initial "OR" behind the scenes is the single layer "AND" that you mentioned.