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    Finding Cells with User Draft layers on


      Several of our pcb cells have information/graphics added to them which are on user draft layers.

      Now want to find all these cells and modify them to remove the user draft graphics.


      Is it possible to search through the library and get a report of cells which contain user draft layers.

      If this information can be exported to a text file them I could import into Excel and filter the cells as required.


      Currently we are using EE 7.9.1.

      But our cells are also in DMS if it is easier to get this information from there.

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          If you ask very nicely, Mentor may grant you an encrypt/decrypt license for a short period.  Export the library partition to Design Data (HKP files) and use DataConvert to convert (decrypt) Design Data files to ASCII for editing. When you're done editing convert (encrypt) the ASCII files to HKP and import back into the library. Good luck.