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    Harness Syncing


      So when i try to sync my parts it puts up this syncing error.  What structure is it not happy with compared to the library part?




      Multicore MC260 in design: .SCHEMATIC_WORCESTER whose structure does not match with library part structure



      Multicore MC258 in design: .SCHEMATIC_WORCESTER whose structure does not match with library part structure



      Multicore MC259 in design: .SCHEMATIC_WORCESTER whose structure does not match with library part structure

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          This is a pre-validation error which catches the mismatch between the Multicore's Library definition Vs the design (used) multicore structure.


          e.g. I have add a multicore in my Wiring design which had three innercores and one shield:


          Later, I changed the library definition in part library.



          I have deleted one innercore.


          Now If I sync, it will complain about the structure mismatch.



          To proceed, I have updated my Wiring design by removing one extra innercore and then I re-Synced.


          Please check this is the case in your wiring designs as well?


          You can correct your wiring design and then you can try to do a re-Sync.


          Please share more information , if this doesn't work.




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            Thanks for the reply.  I know we have been adjusting the parts in some cases and that possibly could be it.  I understand if a wire was removed but would the wire type or a guage type cause also cause this error?  Usually to fix the problem i have been reconstructing the multicore and assigning the part again to it from the library.   I guess I was looking for a more detailed description of what might be wrong with my multicore.  It does a comparison so couldn't it tell me what the mismatch in the comparison was.  Wire guage different.. missing wire.. extra wire.. ect ect.  This is more like a service engine soon light error..





            Frank Morgan

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              So i got the error again today and the simple solution is to open up the multicore or i imagine any item you are having issues with and refresh the part to the database. See pic.


              The new question, Is there a way to do a global refresh on a project so if i have 50 of these I don't have to individually fix each individual one? 



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                Could you please try running "Actions->Update->Batch Update Library Parts" on you designs.





                Run this on all of the source (Wiring) designs and save, I hope that this will help you to update all parts thru this batch action.