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    Application of Style Set in VeSys Classic




      Is there any option or way to apply style set to the wirebreak & Sheet Reference alignment in VeSys Classic as we have option in Capital Logic?
      I need to do manually click all the things to allign them. Pl. find the attached image in which I want to alling the things in between the parallel lines.



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          VeSys Classic does not have any kind of style automation that could align these decorations.  Of course this is possible in VeSys 2.0 as it is with Capital Logic.

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            VeSys Classic doesn't have defaut settings for the position of Wire/Page Break related items.  To help modify the Wire/Page Breaks quickly I would suggest you use the Match Properties command (the green paintbrush icon).


            1. Click the Match Properties icon
            2. Select the source component (the layout you want to copy)
            3. Select the destination component (the one you want update).



            • You can configure what the Match Properties feature updates by pressing the icon and then typing S at the command line.
            • It is possible to window multiple destination components enabling quick batch updates (which is usually ideal for WIre/Page Breaks).
            • Match properties works on almost all of the VeSys objects and not just WIre/Page Breaks.


            You could also copy an existing wire break with right click Insert Copy, that way you inherit all of the text positioning


            Let me know how you get on with this suggestion.


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