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    Mass Replace Symbol using XML


      I find that I have the need to replace a large amount of symbols in my Wiring Design with an updated version of the symbol.

      Since it is currently not possible to select multiple identical symbols and replace them all at once, I have turned to XML editing to trick VeSys into getting what I want.


      However,  I am puzzled with some of the lines in the Wiring Design XML. 


      I have identified devices as having a symbolref and a compositeblock.  For the most part these two will have identical UIDs.

      To replace a symbol do I only have to replace the UID under a devices symbolref and compositeblock?


      What does it mean if a device has multiple symbolrefs or multiple compositeblocks?




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          Hi Brian,

          Firstly I would not recommend editing the Wiring Design XML - that could cause problems downstream.  I think you should raise an SR and talk with someone in Support, they can advise and understand what you are trying to achieve (perhaps they can show how "Find and Replace" can be used to select / swap a symbol used in the Wiring design for all matching instances in a design).



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            Yes I forgot I can make use of the Find and Replace tool for swapping symbols.


            Thank you Nuri, I was trying to replace symbols the hard way


            Now the trick will be finding a symbol that was removed from the symbol library.