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    library changing


      We used a different library to design an old project. For the same device in Agile database, that library has a different symbol name from the central library.


      Now when I’m trying to transfer it to the central library,  all the devices need to be re-directed since index in two library are different. I was wondering if there is a better way to do it instead of changing them one by one, which will cost a lot of time…


      Does anyone has a previous experience on that?



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          There isn't enough information in your request to know what the answer might be. Are you using a Central Library in the Expedition flow? In which case Library Services in Library Manager might help, or for soemthing not covered in the tool set the Advanced Library Editor (ALE) might help, you can download this from here http://communities.mentor.com/docs/DOC-2604

          If using PADS or a third party flow then you will need to provide more details about the problem.  What has changed and where it is causing issues?

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            Sorry for the confusion. This project is a "netlist" flow.

            I mean i want to do "replace symbol" between two different libraries while I couldn't make it. I'm new to this tool, i'm not sure whether it's meant to be like this or I missed some procedures.

            Thanks for your help.