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    HyperLynx -No Hardware Protection Key was found


      Dear all,


      I have a old licensed (node-locked) HyperLynx installtion (v6.1) which iam trying to reinstall. The PC has Windows XP SP3.


      I followed the installtion instructions as below:

      1. Connected the Hardware protection key (dongle) to the computers parallel port.

      2. Logged onto the win xp pc with admin privileges.

      3. Inserted the HyperLynx CD and Installed using the "Install HyperLynx Simulation Software" button.

      4. Then clicked on the "Configure Licensing" button


      When the Configure node locked or Client License opens up, It shows me that the status for the Hardware protection key as : No Hardware Protection Key was found.

      When i clicked on Test Hardware Key Button... and "Find Keys" I see that only the Superpro Key is found. The Pro, C plus and scribe Keys are not dectected.

      Is this OK? or is there something missing in my installtion?


      Please let me know how to proceed as i want to Configure my license and proceed.