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    Installing a corporate font issue


      We have a corporate font installed in our systems and I substitute the Roman font for the corporate font to place it on our borders. On some computers the font works on others it doesn't. When I open the font on the computers that it works on I see "The quick brown fox..." but on the computers that it doesn't work on I see what looks like a squared U. Has anyone else seen this type of issue? In stead of using a font is it possible to embed an image on the border with out it creating an OLE? We running windows XP 32bit and XP64 bit systems and it happens on both systems.


      Thanks for any recommendations.



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          I've had a similar issue.


          Colleagues in the UK had mapped the Old English font to a custom font which, for the character combination "EF", would display the company logo. That seemed to me a bizarre way of putting a logo graphic on the schematic border in the first place.


          Yet all I would see here in the US would be "EF" in Old English script, not the logo. No one really was able to resolve this, so I bit the bullet and created the corporate logo in JPEG format and inserted it as an OLE into our schematic border.


          I know the OLE path is what you are trying to avoid, but this is the way to go in order to avoid the display inconsistencies of different environments.


          The inserted OLE logo has a white opaque background, so it stands out graphically on the format border when viewed in DxDesigner (black background), but the logo looks awesome when printed or viewed in the exported PDF (black text, white background).

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            Thanks Michael,


            I created a logo with a white background and black text and that seems to work well. I'll look into the opaque background instead. Where did you place your "OLE" folder? I have a folder called borders than under that a folder called sym and under that a folder called OLE. Should my OLE folder get placed under the borders folder in the library?


            Thanks for the help.





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              Hi Kirby,


              I just replied to a hazard symbol post so I'll simply (i.e. lazily) copy and paste it below. You can follow the same procedure to create a logo or hazard symbol for use in the schematic.


              This method would involve placing the logo symbol on each page of the schematic (not desireable, but probably no big deal).


              If you prefer to have the logo image as part of the format border (which I do) then OLE insertion of the graphic is the way to go. In that case the instructions below won't help.


              With OLE insertion, I haven't found a way to get a transparent background for the graphic; a GIF image may be able to provide this but may not be a supported format like BMP or JPG. In any case, I am more concerned with the appearance of the graphic when printed (hardcopy or PDF) than how it appears to me in DxDesigner.


              In regard to where the OLE folder is located, I don't think this is something you need to concern yourself with. Insert the image from any location and the system will create the OLE directory for the instantiated image. Just don't delete the OLE folder, as your inserted graphics may disappear.






              Creating a Hazard or Logo Symbol in Symbol Editor:


              1. Create your hazard or logo graphic and save it as a BMP or JPG image file.

              2. Open Symbol Editor, start a new symbol

              3. File menu>Symbol>Add Picture....

              4. Browse to the BMP or JPG created instep 1

              5. Place image

              6. Update symbol outline (may need to draw rectangle around image prior to this step) and move symbol origin point to lower left corner

              7. Change properties as shown below (i.e. Annotate type of symbol, Forward to PCB=False; delete any other PCB Properties or Model properties)

              8. Save the symbol.


              Graphic Symbol Construction.JPG

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                Hi Michael,


                The OLE option seems to be working and I don't want to mess with a good thing. I asked our graphics guy here if he could give me the company logo with a transparent background and black text. I want to see what it looks like, I'm afraid that because I have a transparent background and black text I won't be able to place the image easily.


                thanks for all your help.