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    Part revision problem


      So i cannot change a part that is currently in use in a project.


      How am I supposed to change a devices attributes or rename a part that is currently in use without going into all the projects and deleting them so i can edit the part?

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          You can edit a part's attributes, properties, and symbols in the component library after it is used in a project.  Then update the part(s) in your project.


          You cannot edit (change) an internal part number once it is used on a project.  You can copy the part (in component library), giving the it the new internal P/N and other changes you desire.  Then swap out the part in your project(s).


          Hope that helps.



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            I am unable to edit the number of cavities on a splice... its currently set to 9 and i am unable to place the splice in a diagram because it says pins have not been added to the symbol.  Everytime i try to change it to 1 it resets it back to 9.