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    Changing DxD advanced settings from a script




      How read&modify marked settings from a script?


      I'm using ParamGetValue method from Viedraw.Application but how find corresponding variables in VdParamMode, VdPaeam Value and other enum types?




      Thanks in advance!

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          Try this, as example, to see how it works:

          'Toggle the grid
          Call ParamSetMode(vdParamMode.VDMD_GRID_ON,VDMD_ON)

          MsgBox ParamGetMode(vdParamMode.VDMD_GRID_ON)

          Call ParamSetMode(vdParamMode.VDMD_GRID_ON,VDMD_OFF)

          MsgBox ParamGetMode(vdParamMode.VDMD_GRID_ON)

          I'm not sure if I totally understood your question, but this is how you get and set the modes. You should also be able to use ParamGetValue and ParamSetValue using integers.

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            I want to toggle the setting Setup->Settings->Advanced->"Show Ripper Indexes" in a script.

            Does this correspond to any enum in VdParamValue or VdModeValue?


            I tried:

            MsgBox("rip before set: " & vdapp.ParamGetMode(VDMD_RIPPERS_ON) & " param=" & VDMD_RIPPERS_ON)

            Call vdapp.ParamSetMode (VDMD_RIPPERS_ON, VDMD_ON)

            MsgBox("rip after set ON: " & vdapp.ParamGetMode(VDMD_RIPPERS_ON) )

            Call vdapp.ParamSetMode (VDMD_RIPPERS_ON, VDMD_OFF)

            MsgBox("rip after set OFF: " & vdapp.ParamGetMode(VDMD_RIPPERS_ON) )


            which had no effect. After setting to "ON" the value read out was still 0.