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    Viewing Pararsitic Results In RVE for CCI flow




      When i am using calibre lvs + calibre extraction (PEX), it is easy to analyse the extraction results visually through Calibre RVE but is there any way when i am running using CCI flow i.e. Calibre LVS and Hercules Extraction.

      the same command is not working. Is there way to see the capaciatances using RVE. i used the following command for PEX analysis:

      calibredrv -m *.gds2 -rve -pex path_to_svdb




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          Hi Vikky-


          For Calibre RVE to see Synopsys Hercules results, Hercules would have to write its output in the correct format to the SVDB directory.  There may be scripts out there to do that, but to the best of my knowledge there are no pre-packaged utilities.  Might try asking at Synopsys' user site.  Calibre supports integration with several Synopsys tools but Hercules is not one of them.


          best regards-