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    Conditional Design Rule


      If I have a set of nets (a class) how do I setup a rule that makes the clearance between anything in that set be say 0.25mm and the clearance of anything in that set to anything else be say 8mm?


      I can do it by assigning a class to everything in the set and another class to everything else, and then have a class to class rule. But that is tedious especially if there are several classes. Is there a simpler way?



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          David Ricketts

          Sorry, but no. I've done large and dense high-voltage power supply designs that ended up with dozens of class-to-class rules. I had to make a separate spreadsheet to keep track of all of the different rules and spacings, then created the conditional rules from that. You still have to put in the work, but the spreadsheet makes it easier to do.

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            Yes that's what I had to do. I had hoped there was a better way that I had not seen.


            If it were possible to have a conditional rule like "Class against anything else not in that Class" that would get rid of the need for many of the cross Class rules in the "matrix" we have to enter in the rules set. The "Class against All" does not seem to do that according to my tests.


            Maybe this has been implemented in later versions, I'm still using 2005. Also it doesn't help that sending rules Logic to Layout does not work correctly.



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              Mentor did improve the rule passing between Layout and Logic in V9.#.