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    Scripting and iCDBPartsLister.exe


      My engineers have about 20 different (slight exageration) BOM outputs they want to see from DxDesigner.  Using the corporate WDIR I can control only one default ipl file so my solution is to create custom scripts available in my own drop down menu in DxDesigner that are preconfigured for specific outputs using icdbPartsLister.exe and the appropriate flags.


      The issue I am having is when I try to specify the output file's name when the ipl file is configured to output an excel file.  I cannot get this to work for the life of me but I am having no problems when the output is a plain text file.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is this a known bug or am I doing something silly?


      Thanks for your time.


      Option Explicit

      dim WshShell, vdapp, vdpd, prjPath, prjFilePath, SDDHOME, WDIRPath, boardName, command


      set vdapp = GetObject(,"ViewDraw.Application")


      set vdpd = vdapp.GetProjectData


      prjPath = vdpd.GetProjectPath


      prjFilePath = vdpd.GetProjectFilePath


      WDIRPath = \\Some\network\location\wdir


      boardName = VdApp.ActiveView.GetTopLevelDesignName


      set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


      SDDHOME = WshShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%SDD_HOME%")


      command = SDDHOME & "\wv\win32\bin\icdbPartsLister.exe -prj=" & chr(34) & prjFilePath & chr(34) & " -board=" & boardName & " -cfg=" & chr(34) & WDIRPath & "\PartsLister\someiplfile.ipl -out=" & chr(34) & prjPath & "\configuredBOM.xlsx" & chr(34)


      WshShell.Run command, , TRUE

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          Hi andrew-san,


          I found one mistake in your code.

          One double quotation was lacking.


          command = SDDHOME & "\wv\win32\bin\icdbPartsLister.exe -prj=" &  chr(34) & prjFilePath & chr(34) & " -board=" & boardName  & " -cfg=" & chr(34) & WDIRPath &  "\PartsLister\someiplfile.ipl" & chr(34) & " -out=" & chr(34) & prjPath &  "\configuredBOM.xlsx" & chr(34)


          Please check.




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            Hey Satoru-San,


            I switched to using chr(34) to try and be less confusing for myself and yet I still managed to forget one.  Good catch, I had been starring at that  line of code for too long and just wasn't seeing the issue.  Thank you for your time!



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              With Satoru-san's find the code started working as expected for projects on my local computer and would write the output in the appropriate location.


              My company keeps all our projects on a network location and there is no garantee that the drive will be mapped.  So likliness is that the output file will be a unc path.  When I run the updated code on a project stored on the network, excel wants to write the file to my local User's Documents folder.  Is this the expected behavior and/or are others experiencing this as well?  Or am I doing something silly again?  Thanks again in advance!

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                If I open the project through a mapped drive the excel output is written correctly to the network location.


                If I open the project through a unc path the excel output will not write out to the specified network location.


                fun times...

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                  Hi Andrew, not saying it will work, but this is worth a try, it stop me getting errors on BoM creations etc from UNC paths :


                  Search for this and it's a regedit job:

                  Review Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 156276 for a solution to this problem. You can use the instructions provided by Microsoft to allow the CMD.EXE console to deal with UNC paths correctly.





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                    That's actually helpful on a few levels for me.  Thanks for the pointer!