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Problem on NC Pin PADS9.5

Question asked by nicola.fiorucci on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by robert_davies


I still haven't understand the method to not pass an NC net to the netlist .asc file on PADS9.5.


I created a symbol (SYMBOL TYPE: PIN) with the Pcb Properties NETNAME=NC. The Forward to PCB property is False.

In the schematic i have attached this symbol to every component with pins without connection.

In the netlist configuration file i select the following options:


CHKBRD _SGL_PIN_NET WRN 2   | Single pin net

                                                    | 0 = Pass single pin nets to netlist

                                                    | 1 = Filter all single pin nets from netlist

                                                    | 2 = Filter single pin nets with the NET NC attribute

                                                    |     from netlist


but i still have the NC net on my netlist file. I don't understand what "NET NC attribute" means and where i had to use it


Where is the error?


Thanks to all