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    How to unlock a symbol?


      I am using Mentor Graphics EE 2007.9.4. Some symbol is mapped as a part and it get locked due to some reason. I can't the locked symbol in symbol editor. But it is visible when i placed that part in schematic. Ho to unlock that symbol?

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          Hello murali,


          Those symbols are reserverd so you shoulod unlock the reserved partion. Also refer below image.







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            No sir. I know about reserved partition. I didn't mean that. If symbol is locked, if we open that symbol waiting cursor will be enabled. Then we can close that with help of task manager only.

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              Could you share that corrupted lib?




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                Two possibilities as to what the problem is depending on symptoms, you're not entirely clear in your description. If you get an error message that the symbol is locked in the symbol editor then look for a lock file in the symbol folder in the Central Library or folder if using a net list flow.


                'Central Library Path'\SymbolLibs\'Partition'\sym\lock\'symbol name'.lock


                If you are sure the symbol isn't being edited then delete this file, sometimes it can be left over if the something caused the editor to crash.


                If on the other hand the symbol editor is unresponsive when you try and edit a symbol - simply hangs and never opens the symbol - then the likely cause is a symbol file with the timestamp in the wrong place. This happens if a symbol without a timestamp is copied from within Library Manager. The solution is to edit the symbol file in a text editor and remove the timestamp line beginning with |R, e.g.


                |R 13:10:47_2-11-10


                When you next edit the symbol the timestamp will be created in the correct place. Usually symbols without timestamps are generated by the translators when translating symbols from other schematic capture tools, this is a known issue and has been addressed recently in an update to the translators.

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                  Thank you Robert. My problem is second one. Now I cleared my problem with your solution.