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    Terminals to Wires


      I would like to assign terminals (pins, sockets) associated with wires so that I can get that detail displayed on a wire list. I need to know the pins and sockets each wire is going from and to, not just the connector. I have specified terminals in the “housing tab” at the librartime of creating a connector in the component y but I’m unable to specify a quantity. The default quantity is 0 and I wonder if, for that reason, I’m unable to assign wires “to” and “From” terminals.  I’m unable to adjust the quantity as the option is grayed out for terminals. How can I connect wires to terminals used in the connectors? (Picture attached).

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          The "housing defintition" tab in VeSys Components allows you to specify which terminals are valid for each cavity (or all cavities on the connector), the actual selection of the terminal (adding it to the BOM) is done in VeSys 2.0 Harness (terminals, seals or plugs are selected - giving you the total QTY of terminals required for the connector).  The Harness tool will select the correct Terminal part number based on the wire specification and the material drivers.


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