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    syntax for formulas


      I cannot figure out the syntax for entering a formula that uses Pin-Pairs.  The CES Help  shows syntax like


      <{\NET01\} - Length or delay must be less than that of NET1.


      and a pin pair seems to be described like this


      a pin pair (for example, \U1\-\3\@\U2\-\3\)


      So if  wanted a net to be constrained to be less than a specific section of a different net (DQS needs to be shorter than the CK signal from the controller to the IC connection, ignoring the length to the Vtt termination)


      It would seem that I should put something like this in the Formula Field for the DQS net so that the DQS is always less than the pin pair segment.




      But I must be missing something because it indicates that this is in error.  Can anyone help correct this?



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          Try without the curly braces {}, those should only be used for nets.


          Also, when you are entering a formula, you can click on the object you are referencing, like the pin pair, and the object name will be inserted into the formula string.  This saves you from having to get all the slashes and dashes right.