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    RSCM  Error while creating Project in Dxdesigner


      Hello Team,


      We are connecting remotely to license server using T1 link and port 1717 is opened on license server.

      I am able to launch DX designer ( means we are getting validated with License server.)


      I am getting error Message " RSCM  Address "149.XXX.XXX.XX " Invalid  while creating Project in DxDesigner


      Project Name : Test_Project.

      Location: C:\users\some folder.

      Central Library: C:\MentorGraphics\7.9.5EE\SDD_HOME\standard\examples\SampleLib2007.

      Server Name:  IP of License Server( 149.XXX.XXX.XX)

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          The error you are seeing has nothing to do with License server.

          It means the RSCM server at address  149.223.xx.xx is not reachable, or the process running RSCM is not working.

          RSCM is a server configured to allow design concurrency.

          In your dialog you are also referring to a project location which is on your local drive (C:\Users\xxxxx) and for sure unless the RSCM server machine is exactly your machine this won't never work.


          Please leave the "Server Name" entry blank and you'll see it won't error.